A Festival of Popular Culture

Much more than fun, the Lavadeira Festival promotes the popular identity and cultural diversity of the Northeast of Brazil, contributing to the maintenance of a large number of artists and cultural groups. The majority of these artists live in small places, far from large urban centre. Our aim is to generate a better income, promote social inclusion and support artists of genuine popular culture.

The Festival is family-orientated, this active cultural event lasts 12 hours with the performance of over 50 cultural groups with songs, rhythms, dances, history, tradition, religion and culture to an audience of around 100 000 people.

Groups that take part in the Festival include Maracatu, Afoxé, Ciranda, Coco de Roda, Cavalo Marinho, Bumba-meu-boi Rabeca, Pife, Samba,Pastoril,Mazurca,Pretinhas do Congo, Forró dos Oito Baixos, Frevo,Troças and Escolas de Samba from Pernambuco, Groups from Petrolina, Agrestina, Arcoverde, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Olinda and other States such as Bahia and Alagoas.

Bring your group to the Lavadeira Festival website.

We want to bring all this diversity to our website, releasing the profile of the participants of the festival and other groups that maintain the tradition of popular culture alive through its art. For this, we count on you.